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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Monday, April 3, 2017

Wk 10: Theorizing Migration

T, 4/4: Why does migration occur?
  • Massey, Douglas S. 1999. “Why Does Immigration Occur? A Theoretical Synthesis.” Pp. 34‐52 in The Handbook of International Migration, edited by Charles Hirschman et al. New York: Russell Sage Foundation Press. ( (20pgs) 
  • Brief History of the Passport ( (2pgs) 
Th, 4/6: Why does migration occur cont’d
  • Continue with massey article 


mapping migration movements

European Colonial Empires, 1492-2008

In addition, here are two more migration maps from CNHI:

Dinese D'souza and "illegals" and constitutional rights

How would you respond to this argument?

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Wk 8: Basics of American Citizenship & Reform

3/16 Theorizing Assimilation ppt

This week we look at the basics of US immigration rights and analyze the political forces that led to the replacement of the national origins system of immigration with the race-neutral preferences system of the 1965 Reform, which is the basis for modern day immigration policy. How did the 1965 Reform change immigration patterns in the U.S.? Do you believe that the categories set up the by the 1965 Reform (The Family, Employees, Refugees/Asylees, Nonimmigrants, Investors, Diversity) are the right ones?

T, 3/21: Reforming the Quota System

Th, 3/23: Basics of American Citizenship & Birthright citizenship (in-class debate)

Forbes interactive migration map

So where are Americans migrating? This is a great little tool to show you where people are moving in the US. Enjoy!