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post about turning in assignments

This has gotten a little out of hand so I'm making a formal post and statement about my policy for accepting assignments. This policy will govern ALL assignments.

how to email your professors

There are already several very good posts on this, but I thought I would add my own for my classes. In that last few years, more and more of my students have been emailing me from smartphones, iPads, etc. and their emails have become increasingly casual (despite the fact that my syllabus specifically notes that I expect emails to be more formal). However, I may be partially to blame for this declining quality since I've never had a formal, written email policy (partly because I could never writing so informally to a professor). But, given how bad some of the emails have gotten, I've finally formalized my email policy. If student emails are not written as prescribed, I just won't answer. 

First and foremost, before you email your professor, make sure that your question can NOT be answered somewhere else-- for example on the syllabus or by your peers! Requesting a professor to go over something that is easily available somewhere else makes it seem like you're not a serio…