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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

2.4 The Door Reopens cont'd

Assigned Readings:
  1. Binder, Frederick M., and David M. Reimers. (1995) All the Nations Under Heaven: An Ethnic and Racial History of New York City. New York: Columbia University Press.
    • CH 9: “Truly a Global City: New York City, 1970 to the Present,” pp. 225-258. 
  2. Semple, Kirk. (2010) “In an Italian Enclave in the Bronx, Signs of Mexico Begin to Show,” New York Times, (July 7). 
  3. Fesseden, Ford and Sam Roberts. (2011) “Then as Now: New York’s Shifting Ethnic Mosaic,” New York Times (January 22). 
  4. Interactive State Immigration Data Profiles from MPI
  1. Deeply Dominican in Upper Manhattan (6 min)

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