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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Week 3: Mann & Tilly

We have some catching up to do...
  • Last week – apologies
  • In exchange – day before Fall Break has been cancelled
  • New landing page for site
  • Pass out Instructions for semester project with due dates
  • Introduction (pp 1-14) in Kivisto, Peter, and Thomas Faist. 2007. Citizenship: Discourse, Theory, and Transnational Prospects. (PDF) (14 pages)

What’s happened so far?
  • Aristotle 
  • Anderson’s Imagined Communities 
    • rise of nation-state—what is nation-state
    • right and ability to police its own borders
    • a kind of sense of political unity (us-them)
  • raises question if rise of nation-state goes hand-in-hand with rise of capitalism, how is class warfare prevented? 
  • TH Marshall
  • Critiques of TH Marshall – Mann – Ruling Class Strategies and Citizenship
  • Rights through struggles and alternative ways of thinking about citizenship (see ppt: )
    • Tilly
    • Shklar – I know this was long but it’s a seminal piece
    • Kymlicka – multicultural citizenship (redefining “us”?)
      • Can we have a sense of strong ties within if we emphasize diversity? Or 'deep diversity' too 'thin' for us to tied to one place or another? 
      • Can we create a sense of belonging that is 'thick' enoghy to generate belonging, but 'thin' enough to inclusive?
    • Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Now we’re going to focus more heavily on the American experience.
  • What is American citizenship?
  • What orgs are involved in American Citizenship? (
  • Can you pass a citizenship test? (
    • How many Amendments does the US Constitution have?
    • What is the Bill of Rights?
    • What does the judicial branch do?
    • What is the rule of law?
    • What stops one branch of government from becoming too powerful?
    • Why do we have a bicameral Congress?

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