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Week 15: Economic Impact of Immigrants


  • collect S/R paper
  • decide due date for final project (Th, 5/18 or day exam is scheduled?)


  • Basics:

    • What do we mean by wages are not changing? 
    • But's it's really complicated...
      • median HH income not as bad:
      • but that only tells half the story
        • wages have clearly stagnated
        • the bottom has been hit hardest
        • shrinking middle class is a result of people moving into lower rungs of society AND people moving into upper rungs

  • you were assigned: 

  • Given this discussion, what are we to make with the DREAMERS and DACA?
    • Plyler v. Doe - extends rights of education to children under 18 regardless of citizenship status
      • in theory (and before this case), can we decide that children who are not authorized to be in the US not be allowed have free public school education?
      • what was the argument for this decision?
    • what about the "Dreamers"? 
      • should we help undocumented/unauthorized students with financial aid, etc. to attend college?
    • DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents)


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