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Friday, August 23, 2013

student projects - links to remaining projects

Below are some projects that we weren't able to embed into the website:

  • Humanizing Immigration
    • puts a face on immigration by exploring the lives and stories of both documented and undcoumented immigrants from all walks of life
  • Pinterest board
    • uses a Pinterest to display images of various cultural groups and the varying themes of immigration including ethnic-cultural practice and assimilation
  • Timeline of Flushing
    • traces the history and settlement of Flushing, one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods of New York City
  • Film submissions are available on the GC-Immigration's film database
    • films ranged from Hollywood blockbusters such as Spanglish to independent and documentary films including Sin Nombre and Lost in Detention.
Projects not available online included
  • interviews of and research into the use of undocumented immigrant labor in the 9/11 clean-up and the challenges faced by these workers given their status
  • a magazine (complete with Editor's Note!) devoted to analyzing the experiences and stories of the undocumented
  • research into the history and tensions wrought by gentrification in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood in New York City
  • in-depth interviews with three different immigrants from different backgrounds and arriving to the US at different historical periods
  • a travel guide of the Lower East Side 

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